Translational Radiation and Imaging Service Core (TRIS)

Kei Iwamoto
(310) 206-5595
CHS B3 109

The Department of Radiation Oncology Translational Radiation and Imaging Service (TRIS) is an irradiation core that consists of X-ray, cesium-137, and cobalt-60 sources as well as a new image guided small animal radiation research platform (SmART). The core provides detailed knowledge of radiation responses in different mouse strains, tissues and cell lines. Services are supported by radiation biologists and medical physicists who can assist with dosimetry and experimental set up so expected dose can be precisely delivered to the experimental target. The dosimetric standard will be traceable back to The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) according to recent NIH funding guidelines. The core provides jigs for partial- and whole-body irradiations of animals. The SmART system offers highly conformal irradiation of a small volume of the animal (tumors, metastases, organs) that closely mimics clinical radiotherapy. Irradiation target visualization is based on computed tomography and bioluminescence imaging. Additionally, the core will help review the write-up of relevant sections for grants and manuscripts.