X-ray Crystallography Technology Center (Macromolecular)
Duilio Cascio
(310) 885-1551
Boyer Hall RM 124

Provides experimental and computational facilities for X-ray based structure analysis and refinement, and for supporting structure determination by crystallography, and computational methods. Acquisition of X-ray diffraction data using in-house high brilliance generators. Acquisition of Multi-wavelength Anomalous Dispersion data using synchrotron radiation X-ray diffraction data processing and manipulation. Assistance with the macromolecular model building and structure refinement processes. Guidance in the interpretation of the resulting three-dimensional macromolecular structures. Web-based services that include tutorials and software tools to assist users. Workshops and informal classes introducing the fundamentals of single crystal X-ray diffraction work to potential users. These workshops also provide an overview for how the core functions and how users may interface with Core personnel. Micro crystallography: rapid screening of micro-crystals with the UV microscope. Manipulation and dissection of micro-crystals with a micro-manipulator.