Cell Manipulation and Cytometry

Cellular Bioenergetics Core
Laurent Vergnes
(310) 267-2741
695 Charles E. Young Drive South

Measure of cellular respiration and glycolysis from cells, mitochondria, tissues, worm and yeast.

UCLA Flow Cytometry Core

Flow Cytometry Core
Ingrid Schmid
(310) 206-7289
Factor Building 12-953

The core laboratory provides instrumentation and technical and professional assistance for performing laser-based flow cytometric analysis and cell sorting. The facility also offers training in basic flow cytometry principles and in the operation of analytic cytometers. A second course teaches nucleic acid analysis and measurement of proliferation by flow cytometry as well as hands-on instrument set-up and use of the specialized DNA analysis software.

Immune Assessment Core
Maura Rossetti
(310) 983-3993
1000 Veteran Ave., Rehab Center A-538

Provides both standardized and customizable multi-parameter flow cytometry, immunoassays and functional assays for assessing various immune cell functions, including T cells, B cells, NK cells, monocytes and granulocytes. Validated assays include several immunophenotyping panels, allo- and virus-specific T cell activation, T and B cell proliferation, NK cell cytotoxicity, and granulocyte/monocyte oxidative burst. In addition, it provides singleplex and multiplex immunoassays on ELISA and Luminex platforms.

Immuno/BioSpot Core

Brent Gordon
(310) 206-8252
Factor Building 12-541 & BSRB 188F

The Immuno/BioSpot Core specializes in assays related to the detection, quantification, and qualification of biological spot assays and single-cell related analyses, including ELISPOT, colony counting, plaque assays, FluoroSpot, cell viability tests, apoptosis tests, in vivo/in vitro cytotoxicity measurements using cells labeled with fluorescent dyes, histochemistry stains, genotoxicity assays, multi-color intracellular/surface quantification, etc.