Cell Manipulation and Cytometry

Cellular Bioenergetics Core Laurent Vergnes lvergnes@ucla.edu (310) 267-2741 695 Charles E. Young Drive South http://people.healthsciences.ucla.edu/institution/core-detail?group_id=1838053 Measure of cellular respiration and glycolysis from cells, mitochondria, tissues, worm and yeast. UCLA Flow Cytometry Core Flow Cytometry Core Ingrid Schmid schmid@mednet.ucla.edu (310) 206-7289 Factor Building 12-953 http://cyto.mednet.ucla.edu/home.html The core laboratory provides instrumentation and technical and professional assistance for performing laser-based flow cytometric analysis and cell sorting. The facility also offers training in basic flow cytometry principles and in the operation of analytic cytometers. A second course teaches nucleic acid analysis and measurement of proliferation by flow cytometry as well as hands-on instrument set-up and use of the specialized DNA analysis software. Immune Assessment Core Maura Rossetti mrossetti@mednet.ucla.edu (310) 983-3993 1000 Veteran Ave., Rehab Center A-538 http://pathology.ucla.edu/body.cfm?id=651 Provides both standardized and customizable multi-parameter flow cytometry, immunoassays and functional assays for assessing various immune cell functions, including T cells, B cells, NK cells, monocytes and granulocytes. Validated assays include several immunophenotyping panels, allo- and virus-specific T cell activation, T and B cell proliferation, NK cell cytotoxicity, and granulocyte/monocyte oxidative burst. In addition, it provides singleplex and multiplex immunoassays on ELISA and Luminex platforms. bioenergetics Immuno/BioSpot Core Brent Gordon brgordon@ucla.edu (310) 206-8252 Factor Building 12-541 & BSRB 188F http://people.healthsciences.ucla.edu/institution/core-detail?group_id=36215 The Immuno/BioSpot Core specializes in assays related to the detection, quantification, and qualification of biological spot assays and single-cell related analyses, including ELISPOT, colony counting, plaque assays, FluoroSpot, cell viability tests, apoptosis tests, in vivo/in vitro cytotoxicity measurements using cells labeled with fluorescent dyes, histochemistry stains, genotoxicity assays, multi-color intracellular/surface quantification, etc.

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