Computation and Biostatistics

 ctrl Computing Technologies Research Laboratory Robert Dennis (310) 206-6556 The Computing Technologies Research Laboratory (CTRL) specializes in research and clinical data collection, management, and reporting solutions. They develop Internet-accessible, web-based database applications that enable and enhance clinical & basic research and education, in the biomedical community. Services include: (1) web application development, (2) mobile app programming, (3) database design and hosting, and (4) digital video production / telemedicine for conferencing and the classroom.

Clinical Microarray Core Xinmin Li (310) 825-3664 CHS 38-123 Various academic and commercial data mining software for genomic data analysis, including Partek Genomics Suite, NextGENe, IPA and Hoffman2 data analysis and storage server.

Department of Medicine Statistics Core David Elashoff (310)-794-3111 911 Broxton Ave, 3rd floor The primary objective of DOMStat is to provide study design and statistical analysis collaboration to investigators in the Department of Medicine. DOMStat offers faculty and staff level statistical collaboration for grant proposals, data analysis, manuscript preparation, and other research activities requiring statistical input.

semel Semel Institute Biostatistics Core (SIStat) general inquiries (310) 825-6584 Semel Institute The Semel Institute Biostatistics Core (SIStat) is a team of expert biostatisticians, methodologists, and research support staff. The mission of the core is to foster research productivity and quality by helping faculty design sound research projects, obtain independent funding, and correctly analyze data. Services include: (1) development of electronic data entry systems, (2) biostatistics services, (3) development of patient assessment software, and (4) development of administrative systems software. Support is offered for projects ranging from small pilot studies to large, long-running, multi-site center studies.

biomathematics Statistical Biomathematical Consulting Clinic (SBCC) Jeff Gornbein (310) 825-4193 Life Sciences, Room 5303 Provides statistical & modeling assistance.

Statistics Online Computational Resource Ivo Dinov (310) 825-8430 SOCR designs, validates and freely disseminate knowledges. Specifically, SOCR provides portable online aids for probability and statistics education, technology based instruction and statistical computing. SOCR tools and resources include a repository of interactive applets, efficient algorithms for data analytics, computational and graphing tools, instructional and course materials.

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