Health and Wellness


CURE Human Studies Core
Dennis Jensen
(310) 478-3711 x 43349

The specific aims of this Core are to provide CURE:DDRC members, trainees, and their collaborators with access to: a quality clinical research unit (CRC) for performance of gastrointestinal (GI) clinical research.


Human Performance Laboratory
Catherine Carpenter
(310) 825-8499
Warren Hall, 12-217 and 23-147
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State-of-the-art body composition & bone mineral density measurement; cardiovascular stress testing; basal metabolic rate assessment, flow mediated dilation; and muscle strength assessment.


The Center for Advanced Surgical and Interventional Technology
Cheryl Hein
(310) 267-6600
Ronald Reagan University Medical Center, 757 Westwood Plaza, Suite B-792

Conducts and facilitates research, education, and telehealth services within all surgical and interventional medicine specialties, as well as with faculty and students in allied fields across the UCLA campus within engineering, computer science, mathematics, psychology, and education with a focus on multi-modal imaging, image-guided interventions, and simulator-based technical and non-technical skills training. Operates acoustic test tank, capable of producing FDA-compliant testing results for any transducer configuration. We are currently a designated FLS, FES, and FUSE training site, have established a robotic surgery skills training program for residents, and have added three new surgical simulators covering laparoscopic, team training, and robotic skills training to the large simulator portfolio already in place for simulation-based training at UCLA. Through our close collaborations with other labs across campus, we are able to offer consultative services, event space, and infrastructure staffing for a variety of educational events and activities including dry, wet, and simulation lab training.